Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Michael Flynn, The Russian Ambassador, and Fake News From the Mainstream Media (REACTION)

Michael Flynn has resigned as the 25th National Security Advisor due to a scandal which alleges that he to the Russian Ambassador about the United States Government potentially releasing sanctions on Russia once Trump got into office. The scandal is not about anything that Flynn did that was illegal, rather it is an issue of ethics and trust. It also raises other questions about a speech he gave in Russia in 2014. Certain people in Government are asking whether the speech was quid pro quo and if it was … then maybe the “information leak” to the ambassador could potentially be linked to it. 

Donald Trump and some in the White House staff were warned about Michael Flynn shortly after the inauguration but Vice President Mike Pence did not find out until about two weeks later. News media in the United States has been saying that Donald Trump “knew about Flynn” before Pence was told but that’s not really what happened. Trump knew that there *could* be something that Russia could use to blackmail Flynn over, but he did not know exactly what it was. The phone call with the Russian Ambassador was released much later when the media picked it up.

There is much outrage from the left about Flynn and the resignation over his alleged revelation of information that most people would assume already. Trump ran his entire campaign on loosening regulations and trying to get along with Russia. So of course when Obama imposes sanctions on Russia for the so-called “election hacking” just a few days before the Inauguration (literally) then one would have to assume that Trump would come in and reverse some of those sanctions. 
Not much outrage from the left was given to Eric Holder when he engaged in the now-infamous fast and furious scandal, however. It seems like one person engaged in much more egregious behavior than the other, and the level of outrage and meltdown is much higher for one than the other. But the reactions don’t seem to align with the offense.