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Danny Gold for Liberty Writers reports, James Comey lied to the American people while under oath and now Barack Obama’s spying and unmasking scheme is center stage again. Today a declassified FBI document was handed over to CIRCA that proves FBI agents have NOT been following the laws put in place to protect American privacy.

Sources: Comey acted on Russian intelligence he knew was fake:
Washington (CNN)Then-FBI Director James Comey knew that a critical piece of information relating to the investigation into Hillary Clinton's email was fake -- created by Russian intelligence -- but he feared that if it became public it would undermine the probe and the Justice Department itself, according to multiple officials with knowledge of the process... 
The Washington Post reported Wednesday that this Russian intelligence was unreliable. US officials now tell CNN that Comey and FBI officials actually knew early on that this intelligence was indeed false. 
In fact, acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe went to Capitol Hill Thursday to push back on the notion that the FBI was duped, according to a source familiar with a meeting McCabe had with members of the Senate intelligence committee. 
The Russian intelligence at issue purported to show that then-Attorney General Lynch had been compromised in the Clinton investigation. The intelligence described emails between then-Democratic National Committee Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz and a political operative suggesting that Lynch would make the FBI investigation of Clinton go away.In classified sessions with members of Congress several months ago, Comey described those emails in the Russian claim and expressed his concern that this Russian information could "drop" and that would undermine the Clinton investigation and the Justice Department in general, according to one government official. 
Still, Comey did not let on to lawmakers that there were doubts about the veracity of the intelligence, according to sources familiar with the briefings. It is unclear why Comey was not more forthcoming in a classified setting. 
Sources close to Comey tell CNN he felt that it didn't matter if the information was accurate, because his big fear was that if the Russians released the information publicly, there would be no way for law enforcement and intelligence officials to discredit it without burning intelligence sources and methods. There were other factors behind Comey's decision, sources say. 
In at least one classified session, Comey cited that intelligence as the primary reason he took the unusual step of publicly announcing the end of the Clinton email probe. 
In that briefing, Comey did not even mention the other reason he gave in public testimony for acting independently of the Justice Department -- that Lynch was compromised because Bill Clinton boarded her plane and spoke to her during the investigation, these sources told CNN...

So Comey ended the email investigation because of fake Russian intelligence, that he failed to disclose was fake, and that never went public for the fear it would go public? Why would the Russians need to release such false intelligence. Politics is perception. The perception that then-Attorney General Lynch had been compromised in the Clinton investigation was already there from her meeting with Bill Clinton on the tarmac, which Comey used as a public excuse. This all makes no logical sense. It could be, within the context of this unverifiable story, that Comey is lying now, which makes him out to be a liar then, when he wasn't actually lying then in his public statements.

CNN: The Clown News Network

CNN is a joke. Literally. Conan O'Brien, Joel McHale, Larry Wilmore, and even Barack Obama tell the truth about CNN in comedy. Media analyst Mark Dice has the story.

20 CNN Fake News Compilation! (PROOF) by debunkerbuster
CNN's greatest "Fake news" Compilation... by debunkerbuster

Saturday, May 20, 2017


Cristina Laila at the Gateway Pundit reports, The Washington Post reported: A month before Donald Trump clinched the Republican nomination, one of his closest allies in Congress — House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy — made a politically explosive assertion in a private conversation on Capitol Hill with his fellow GOP leaders: that Trump could be the beneficiary of payments from Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Washington Post Leads The Way In Pure Deception

The Washington Post published its dubious story on President Trump leaking classified information to the Russians less than an hour after the bombshell news broke that murdered DNC staffer Seth Rich was in contact with Wikileaks and that DC Police were ordered to cover it up.

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

The Complete And Utter Demise Of The Left

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The Complete And Utter Demise Of The Left - Just when you thought the elements of the political left couldn't get lower, they began spreading more ridiculous fake news, and promoting even more ridiculous antics.

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Don’t Believe The Fake News: No, President Trump Is Not Shuttering The EPA’s Data Service

President Donald J. Trump has shown he’s no fan of several federal agencies he believes are overly politicized to the point of acting beyond their mandates to stifle economic growth and saddle the business and industrial communities with onerous regulations.
One of those is the Environmental Protection Agency, which helps explain why he appointed a frequent EPA critic, Scott Pruitt – a former Oklahoma attorney general who often took the EPA to court – as its administrator.
But neither the president nor Pruitt is completely slashing and burning the agency, contrary to reports on Monday that claim otherwise. (RELATED: President Trump Needs To Immediately Order Financial Audits Of All EPA Scientists To Find Out Who’s Being Bribed By Monsanto, The Pesticide Industry.)
This one from The Independent was typical: “Trump is getting ready to shut off the EPA’s data service,” is the claim:
The Environmental Protection Agency’s Open Data Web service – which stores information on climate change, life cycle assessment, health impact analysis and environmental justice – is to have its funding removed and will no longer be in operation, according to people working on the plan. A pop-up on the site appears to confirm the shutdown, with anyone visiting the Open Data page told that the site will not be operational from Friday.
Of course, #nevertrumpers and perpetually angry Leftists groan. That’s so Trump, isn’t it? “He’s just blowing up everything!”
Only – he’s not.
The Washington Free Beacon corrected the record Monday, reporting that a contractor for the EPA who was “devastated” by Clinton’s historic loss (no female candidate for the Democratic Party has ever lost the presidential race twice) to Trump put out the false story.
“The EPA’s Open Data Service, where users can look up EPA facilities in their area and view pollution graphs, will continue to operate, despite several news reports to the contrary,” the WFB reported.
The site noted that Bernadette Hyland, a contractor with access to the EPA data site, has been quoted in a number of news reports, including The Independent, which claimed incorrectly that Trump “is to completely shut down one of the government’s most important data services.”
That story was based on claims Hyland made in a piece she posted at Medium over the weekend stating she was told by the agency that there would be no further funding to operate the data site. She has since updated her post, including a tweet from the EPA, refuting her earlier claims.
In her original post she wrote:
Last week, after numerous conversations with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Office of Environmental Information (OEI), and various technical contractors who support them, we were notified that funding is not available to continue operation [sic] U.S. EPA’s flagship Open Data Web service. The EPA Open Data Web service represents the U.S. government’s largest civilian linked data service.
Hyland was also the source for additional stories in publications including Popular Science and EcoWatch, the WFB reported.
However, the agency said the data office was never in danger of being shuttered and that the contractor was sending unauthorized messages. (RELATED: EPA – A Left-Leaning, Anti-Science Rogue Agency That Functions As A Puppet For The Globalists: Shut It Down.)
“This is a contractor sending inappropriate and unauthorized communications on the EPA’s behalf,” J.P. Freire, an agency spokesman, said. “The website isn’t going anywhere and this episode has nothing to do with contingency plans in case of a [government] shutdown.”
The WFB noted that Hyland is a longtime supporter of Hillary Clinton, donating $1,700 to her failed 2008 campaign and $250 to the Democratic National Committee in 2004.
Hyland tweeted this on Election Night after it was apparent that Trump was going to defeat Clinton:
Gracious sentiment @HillaryClinton but I'm dying inside. What is America doing right now??!! No one outside US can fathom this!! 
Besides, Congress sets the budget for each federal agency, and the president either signs the funding legislation or he doesn’t. The agency chiefs then control spending priorities, which are generally in line with the president’s policies and agenda. The money that the EPA is currently operating on was approved by Congress during the Obama administration.
J.D. Heyes is a senior writer for and, as well as editor of The National Sentinel.
Sources include:

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

The Deep State Set Up Fake News To Try To Push Trump Into War - Ex-CIA Identifies Forces Behind False Flag

Chobani’s Own Private Idaho

The rape of a 5 yr old special needs girl by 2 refugee teenagers in Twin Falls, ID was mocked as false news. This last week they confessed as part of a plea deal. Immediately CBS’ 60 minutes begins a rehabilitation of the image of the man who has championed refugee employment in the area, where they provide cheap labor for his yogurt factory — the world’s largest. Why has this foreign citizen been showered with $800,000 in “Small Business” loans, allowed to use that to lobby his way into Michelle Obama’s $15B school lunch program and sit on the NY Federal Reserve Board, even though he’s still a Turkish citizen?

Thursday, March 30, 2017

SENATE RUSSIA INVESTIGATION: Russia Hacked Election For Trump with Fake News To Cheat Clinton


Russia 'tried to hijack US election', says US senator

Obama Was ‘Pro-Russia’ in 2008 and 2012. Then Hillary Lost $1.2 Billion to Trump

Shaffer: Trump Wiretap Case 'Worse Than Watergate'

FBI reviewed Flynn’s calls with Russian ambassador but found nothing illicit

From my sources and what has been openly reported, it increasingly looks like #Flynn may have a deal with the FBI.

FBI’s James Comey Spotted at the White House

Bob Woodward: If Obama "Unmasked" Trump Team's Names It Would Be A "Gross Violation"

NRCC claims Obama surveillance of Trump 'confirmed'

US Officials: Info suggests Trump associates may have coordinated with Russians

Demand DNC Allow FBI to Examine Allegedly Hacked Servers, Now!

Obama (and Bush)'s extensive history of 'wire tapping' leaders, their staff, the UN, WTO and more

WikiLeaks Task Force RT’d: U.S. criminal investigation into advisor for DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz who had access to her computer

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BREAKING: U.S. House Intelligence Committee confirms U.S. spies intercepted Trump team communications "on numerous occasions" #Vault7

Five Congressional staffers, including technical advisor to Debbie Wasserman Schultz, under criminal investigation

Trump is Not Getting Impeached, Democrats. Focus on Banning Fracking, Not Russian Hacking

Good write up of the Donna Brazile debate rigging saga by @hagoodman
Donna Brazile Finally Admits Giving Hillary Clinton Debate Questions. Democrats Still Demand Unity

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Former Bush attorney general: Trump likely right about surveillance
Democrats and Media are Repeating the Same Mistakes that Elevated Trump into the Presidency
NSA head: DNC hack didn't affect election outcome

Investigating Donald Trump, F.B.I. Sees No Clear Link to Russia

"We did not include anything in our report … that had any reflect of collusion between members of the Trump campaign and the Russians. There was no evidence of that included in our report," he said. "We had no evidence of such collusion."

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According to this article Andrew Breitbart's Tweet is not related to any activities directly involving Podesta and hence the author makes it out to be no big deal, but it still does not paint Podesta in a good light concerning issues of human trafficking...