Friday, July 21, 2017

Trump exerts 1000 lbs of force. Same as a pro boxer's punch! VS Hillary Clinton Who Couldn't Open a Jar of Pickles

The evidence is more clear than ever that concerns over Trump's physical health were the real fake news, while concerns over Hillary's health were well-founded.

Hillary Clinton Has Coughing Fit Again During New Speech! 5/26/17

Jimmy Kimmel admits that the skit where Hillary Clinton opened a jar of pickles to "prove" she was "healthy" was fake and the jar was already opened to make sure she wouldn't fail on national television. #PickleGate controversy won't go away after Kimmel was called out for staging the stunt trying to get people to laugh of concerns about Hillary's Health.

Wolf Blitzer opens pickle jar that pops on Jimmy Kimmel after Hillary Clinton's didn't